OPEN today for Dine-In, take-out and Delivery !
6am to 3pm

(15% off on take out /self pickup orders only,
delivery at regular prices)
*Forest Lawn open 7am-3pm

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Phils Market Now Available!

Enjoy Phils Favourites At Home

Pick up great Phils frozen entrées to enjoy at home anytime you want.
Download the Phils Market Menu

Get Together For A Cup
Breakfast Anytime


  • Pancakes
    Buttermilk, potato, and buckwheat. Made only from the freshest ingredients topped with whipped butter and Phil’s own specialty syrups.
  • Crêpes
    Crepes; filled, rolled and topped with your favorite fruit and whipped cream.
  • Alberta Beef | Steaks & Burgers
    Locally grown Alberta beef Steaks and Gourmet Burgers
  • Our Famous Chubbies
    Our fairly famous Chubbies. Beef, Chicken or pork. A Phil’s original. (medallions of pork, beef or chicken)
  • Traditional Comfort Meals
    The food you remember…that makes your feel good all over. Fish and Chips, Meatloaf, Liver & Onions, Salisbury Steak.

Phil’s Loves Families

  • Family Services
    L’il Appetite Menu with smaller portions

    Free $ sized pancakes to kids under eight dining with parents

    Baby-sized plate of mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables with baby utensils

    Activity books, colouring & brain teasers - all ages

    Restrooms equipped with change tables and emergency diaper service

    Free ‘Yum Yum’ dessert with sparkler for birthdays
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“Our customers say the nicest things”

“Things our customers say”

  • “This Phil's is a favourite when we have the children.
    …a good range of breakfast and non-breakfast items for the whole family”
    Lauren H.
  • “When the corned beef hash is listed as a special of the day, THAT's the one to order”
    Terrence L.
  • “We've been here for lunch, dinner and breakfast and the experience has always been good when the place is packed or empty”Lauren H.
  • I am always impressed when I can get amazing service at horrendous times of the day. Critically, our server kept the coffee coming the entire timeStefan W.
  • “Their service is top notch with experienced waitresses… that really know how to treat their customers”Terrence L.
  • Great service, and tasty breakfastSara W.
  • Can't go wrong if you're out for a hearty, massive breakfast after a long night.Stefan W.
  • “A great place to go as a family or with friends (love the great selection of syrups for pancakes”Terrence L.
  • Its ultra family friendly so there are lots of kids, grandparents, and friends here all the timeKoz T.

Proudly continuing the traditions established by Phil Tetrault

Proudly continuing the traditions established by Phil Tetrault
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